Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Outfit of the Anniversary Dinner

So for our one year wedding anniversary... is that how you say it? Or marriage anniversary? Hmm, I will have to research that one. Anyways, for our 1st year or marital bliss, we decided to go back to the Venue/Restaurant that we were married at (The Bungalow Club in West Hollywood), and actually enjoy dinner. (We were so busy socializing at the wedding. Our wedding dinner ended up being tacos at midnight.)

This is what I wore. I am sorry in advance for the pics. I am working on perfecting this issue.
 I may have to force my dear husband to take them for me, or one of my loves at work.
Dress:Ross, Belt:Torrid, Shoes:Payless
(I love espadrilles... I swear I will even wear them in the winter.)

I swear, this is not a blog to show off how handsome my husband is, but I started my blog on my anniversary weekend and he does have an oh-so-dreamy smile.

And this is what we ate... yummy tuna rolls.

Oh yeah, crab cakes too and an amazing summer salad with strawberries and goat cheese.

This weekend I am heading off for a weekend get-a-way to the mountains with some friends and husband. I am hoping to post some cute mountain lady outfits. Next week I start my vacation. OH GLORIOUS VACATION!! I plan on doing a bunch of things that require some pretty little outfits too, so stay tuned!

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