Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: These are a few of my favorite things!

With 2011 coming to a close, I would like to look back and thank the beauty products that really made my year.  I am a huge bargain hunter, so most of these products retail for not so much. My shampoo is probably the most expensive and to be honest... I do not buy it for myself. My parents always buy it for me for birthdays/holidays. If they stop buying it for me, then I will have to find a new hair regime (crossing my fingers that never happens!)

So onto my favorite products!

WEN Cleansing Conditioner - I love my hair, so I use this little pricey gem of a product. I swear by it though! It keeps your color like no other, and it is such a great alternative to shampoo. You massage the cream into your hair and leave it for a few minutes. Then you rinse it out and voila!!

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap in lavender - Not only is this stuff so pure and chemical free, it cleans your skin and leaves it soft and free of any residue. I love all the crazy rants and raves all over the bottle, and I feel good that it's eco friendly. I use it on my dogs, my husband uses it, I will use it on my babies. 

C.Booth Peppermint Foot Lotion - Oh man, I heart this stuff. The peppermint scent is not overwhelming and it gives off just the slightest tingle! I rub it all over my legs too because it makes your skin feel so velvety.

Toms of Maine Wild Lavender Deodorant - I try to use organic and eco-friendly as much as possible. I have read so many articles about the dangers of aluminum based deodorants that I thought I would give this safe, aluminum free deodorant a chance. Now, I do not sweat too much that I would need an anti-perspirant, so this is just perfect for me. Also, I do not break out in rashes anymore from the harsh chemicals. 

Sinful Colors Nail Polish - Ok, so Walgreens is like the only place that I find an amazing assortment of these great polishes. These are not as rich as OPI, but they really hold up well for a polish! And seriously, can you really turn down $1.99 a bottle? I buy them like crazy and they are guilt free. OPI polish is $8.00 a bottle! That is insane!

No& High Lights Illuminating Lotion - I would much rather pay $12.99 for a big bottle of this little face magic than $25 for a small bottle of Benefit's High beam. This stuff is less gooey too and I feel like it goes on much more sheer. I like to put it on my cheek bones or mix it with my foundation for an all-over glow. I can not live without it!

Candy Kisses Lip Gloss - My first kiss at age 13, tasted like Candy Kisses in Watermelon. I had read an ad in Sassy Magazine (remember Sassy?!), that talked about a first kiss with a guy and feeling embarrassed by the "cheery lube job" chapstick. That next summer, I knew who I would be kissing, so I stocked up on my Candy Kisses and Big Red gum. My first kiss was pretty great and I have never stopped buying this product. You can not find them in drug stores anymore, so you would have to order online, which is fine by me because the whole set is $10.50 and they last forever!
(I wonder if my first kiss remembers the taste of my lips that night?!)

Maybelline Baby Lips - Second to my Candy Kisses, comes Maybelline's new grown-up lip balm. They taste sweet and mild and leave the slightest tint on your lips. I love how moisturized they make my lips!

Pedi-scrub Foot Buffer - OMG, try this once and tell me that they are not amazing. The built in soap and moisturizers leave your dogs clean, soft and fresh feeling. They last for a long time too. 

John Frieda Hair Color Foam - I am an avid home hair colorist and I have tried them all. This product takes the cake! The foam is amazing and spreads evenly. The scent is actually quite nice and there is almost no drip. One bottle on my shoulder length hair is perfect and for $12.00, it's worth the slightly higher price. My only wish, is that they would offer a wider range of reds. 

Alba Organics Jasmine and Vitamin E Face Moisture Cream - This cream is light enough where I do not feel it being too heavy and rich enough where I feel it working. I have used this stuff for quite some time and I just love it!

Torrid Racer-back Bra - Changed my life. I was a loyal Lane Bryant Bra customer even though I work for Torrid. But then this past year, Torrid re-did their bra line and I am hooked. Have not worn a Lane Bryant Bra since. The racer-back is my fave, but the extreme push-up is pretty amazing too. 

Benefit Ooh La Lift - This eye high-lighter makes me look half awake in the morning and really luxe. I love the product, (wish it was cheaper), but have not found anything comparable. 

C.Booth Green Apple Scrub - Again with C.Booth, but this brand is amazing. Inexpensive but rich feeling. I love how bright and clean this makes my face and neck. I love a good scrub, so this is by far my favorite!

So there you go, my favorite beauty products of 2011. I am always on the look-out for better and more affordable so I will be sure to update when I find my new "must-have" product!!

What were some of your favorites this year? Got any beauty secrets that you would care to share?