Friday, March 2, 2012

OOTD:Flower power

I love flowers!!!
I love dresses!!!
I love vintage(ish)!!!

My friend Sunnie posed with me Thursday because we wore pretty much the same outfit. Both dresses are Torrid, both are chiffon and both look great with tights and boots... which we also wore. 
Check us out!

I think that we would fit right in at a poetry reading.
My dress: Torrid
Sunnie's dress: Torrid as well
My boots:Torrid
Sunnie's boots: Not sure

I think that we would also fit in at a hipster party...

And ofcourse, I would wear this to my favorite music shop - The Claremont Folk Music Center.
I bought my ukulele here, and countless other music related things and random instruments.
Ben Harper's mom owns the place. I hope that you know who Ben Harper is, and if you don't, you should do yourself a favor and get to know him. 

Today's outfit made me feel like the hills were alive with the sound of music. I feel like instead of being at work, I should have been hanging out in a field of flowers. 

Top: The Avenue
Skirt: Thrifted... from my mother's closet
Lace Flats: Torrid
Belt: Old Torrid
Necklace: Sample Sale

Isn't this necklace pretty?

That is it for today, and I am kind of impressed with my outfit motivation this week. I did not have a "I give up" day once!

Hope your weekend goes super slow and is enjoyable!!


  1. Looking so lovely!
    I adore flower prints!
    There was a time when I avoided them like a plague (me in my silly teens xD) but can`t get enough now! ^^<3 Very pretty.
    Enjoy your weekend! MMxoxo

    1. Me neither. I love all things girly!

  2. I love flower dresss!!!
    You're so cutee!!
    enjoy this weekend!!


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! You need to look me up on FB and we need to plan a dinner meetup!

    1. Yes we do!! You can find me at Nikol Phillips!

  4. Your mom's skirt is amazing and you look beautiful!

  5. Beautiful outfits! I love the floral dresses! I also love the way you photoshopped yourselves into places, the poetry reading one is brilliant!

    1. Thanks so much! And I just checked out your blog too. Love it!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks!! Michaela - don't you work at the same company as me? ;)

  7. you girls look adorable!!

    k x

  8. A surprise is waiting for you in my blog....

    Nice day!!! XOXO


  9. I absolutely enjoy your sense of style. Both dresses are awesome! And I like how you picture yourself in places lol. By the way, those avenue sandals are amazing!

  10. They are ridiculous comfortable and I can wear them all day. P.s I am not a heels kinda girl so they are perfect for me. My only regret is not getting the tan. lol

  11. Lovely outfits

  12. I love the ootd's with a proper backdrop! Cute idea!