Saturday, September 3, 2011

OOTD: 1920's inspired lace and feathers

I always think about what decade I would have loved to live out my 20's in. I go back and forth between the 1920's and the 1960's. Something about both of those decades in the US, appeals to me. I think that the 1920's redefined womanhood - it was the first decade that women were able to vote, which to me is the most important thing regarding women's rights. All around the world, women were getting the right to vote beginning in the early 1900's up until mid century. Many middle Eastern countries still do not give women that right. It amazes me how second class we have really been in this world, up until about 50 years ago. I can not say it enough, but I will always be grateful for the women involved with women's suffrage all of the world.

What do you think these women were feeling? Will women ever have a true feeling of empowerment like they did on this day when women were given the right to vote in the US? I hope that I will be able to see pictures like this for countries like Saudi Arabia some day.

So back to the 20's. Art Deco, Jazz, Automobiles, Movies, sexual liberation, Expressionism (my absolute favorite art movement), Women's rights, Prohibition, social, artistic, and cultural dynamism! I can go on...

And the FASHION! Women broke free from the oppressive clothing of the Victorians (which I do love also, just in a completely different way.) The fashion was amazing. Flapper dresses, feathers, headbands, fishnets, PANTS, bobbed hair cuts, make-up, drop-waist dresses. (Le sigh.) I can keep going, but if I have not lost you, I will go on to my OOTD. 

These were my muses: 

And this was my interpretation with a 2011 update:

Dress:Torrid (2), Jacket:Torrid (3), Belt:Torrid (2), Headband:Sample Sale, Shoes: The Avenue (10), Necklace:Unique Vintage.
You can see the dress worn a differently here on my blogger friend Jessica from blog Too Many Sequins: A Fashion Blog. Check her out! This dress is very versatile, but I swapped out the original lining for a little bit of a longer one.

How much do you love this headband?? I just adore it!!!! I think I love feather hair pieces so much because I wore one on my happiest day too. Check out this headband that I found at Etsy for my wedding last year:

Another great thing about my outfit was that my friend Ashley also wore the same feathered headband, in just a different way. (We also wore black lace too... funny, we only planned the headband part for that day.)

So I think I am going to try and channel different eras in my fashion. I try to have a theme when I get dressed or some sort of influence, but I think I will try to find influence in the decade and then put my outfit together. 

What are your favorite decades for fashion? What decade do you thing is really on trend right now? I would say the 1970's but I feel that fashion is much more encompassing of all decades right now.


  1. Looks great! I LOVE lace dresses.

    Thanks for checking out my blog too!

  2. Im absolutely in LOVE with the 20s fashion. I wish I could find some cheap 20s-esque items, but havent found any yet. This is super cute! :]

  3. Me too!! I am on a mission to find some flapper style dresses. Have you checked out Unique vintage? They have some great plus flapper dresses... just a little expensive!!