Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OOTD:Everything feels sexy in golden sandals and feathers in your hair...

Feathers! They are plucking amazing. I am still doing a little research about feathers because I avoid anything that is not cruelty free... well except my clothing because let's face it, everything is made by an 8 year old Chinese boy. Sad I know. Ideal? Nope. But a girl's gotta wear clothes. Affordable clothes.

Back to my OOTD. It's Wednesday and when I think of Wednesdays, I think of green, gold and feathers.

You may recognize this dress from my highschool reunion. It is so versatile but it originally retailed at $126. Not worth it. I ended up holding out and the Jew in me, (yes- I can say this for I am a Jewish girl), waited until it went on clearance and I could get the best price. I called up my Jewish mother, who is equally thrifty and because I am also a J.A.P. (Jewish American Princess you racist), she bought me the dress for $42.00. Success!!!

So here is my Wednesday outfit.
Dress:Talbots (3), Sandals:Torrid (10), Earrings:Scavenged from a sample box, Bangles:Torrid

These earrings are amazing!! Pocahontas Chic.


  1. LOVE that color green!! so fabulous!

    xx jessica

  2. Thank you! Green is my favorite color. For a pricier dress though, I wish it hadn't faded so much. :(