Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OOTD:Le Moo Moo Chic

When I was a little girl and would go to my grandma and grandpa's house on the weekend, everything about it was awesome. My grandparents (on both sides) were awesome and I often let my mind journey back to being a little girl and missing those old memories.

At night, my grandma would sit in the bathroom while I took a bath and I would pour way too much Avon Bubble Bath under the running water. She would give me a fresh bar of pink Dove Soap and would wash my hair with Loreal Color Vive shampoo. While my Barbies and I had our bath, my grandma would read to me. My favorite was Are You My Mother, by P.D. Eastman.

After my long bath, she would wrap my hair in curlers and let me pick out a moo moo to put on. I always picked out a red and white floral one. I made fun of that moo moo but it was the most comfortable thing ever. Now, I am seeing them all over, belted of course and not 20 sizes too big. I miss my grandma so much!

This past weekend, my dear friend Sunnie and I went thrifting! We found an amazing little thrift shop with great vintage clothing for Goodwill prices... which is rare. Most vintage shops charge so much, and we each picked out several things to try on.

Here is one of my finds... a pretty, pinkish-coral moo moo!
Moo Moo Dress:Thrifted, Shoes:Thrifted, Belt:Torrid
I feel like this dress is still pretty shapeless and I am still figuring out how to style it properly.

And my cute Goodwill Shoes, which I am pretty sure that they are Target shoes.


  1. I miss my grandma too! She passed away a few years ago.

    The shoes are definitely Target! I scored a pair on clearance. Wish I had been able to find more. The cut outs can be annoying sometimes... but they are comfortable and cute enough otherwise.

  2. I feel very lucky to have known all of my grandparents. I feel bad for people who have never had that wonderful grandparent experience.

    I love these shoes but OMG - they are uncomfortable after a long day! I almost bought the yellow ones that they had too, but so glad I didn't!!