Monday, August 29, 2011

OOTD: DIY Tie-dye

It's in my roots. 

My hippie mother dressed us kids in matching tie-dye for camping trips and hikes and since there were so many kids in the blended family, we resembled the Brady Bunch kids on acid. Now, as a fashionable adult, I know how to do tie-dye and know when to wear it. 

I started with this dress from Torrid: 

Black Kimono Maxi Dress SKU: 595665

 Now, I have 3 of these dresses. I have one that I kept just like the picture above and now I have altered the other two. 

My first alter was my fringed dress seen here: 

First I chopped off the dress to the length I wanted. I then rubberbaned the dress to make my tie-dye design. I filled a bucket up with 95% bleach and a little water and put the dress in the bucket. Because the dress floated up, I had to fill up the empty bleach bottle with water and weigh the dress down to keep it submerged. After and hour, I took out the dress and rinsed it. I then repeated the same process and left the dress in for another hour. I rinsed it and then popped it in my washing machine with liquid detergent and NO OTHER GARMENTS. It went for a quick cycle and voila!!! Tie-dye!!

I love the bleaching affect. It made my dress a cool charcoal with some rusty coloring. I have had so many compliments!!!

Dress: Torrid (DIY) 2, Shoes:The Avenue (10), Accessories: Gifted and Thrifted
Wow my tits looks great. 
The beautiful moonstone necklace was given to me by my father-in-law as well as the turquoise ring which was his in the 1960's. The beaded necklace was a thrift find. My nails are a coral color from NYC.

So does anyone else like DIY as much as I do? Sometimes there is no other way to get what you want!!


  1. Wow! Your DIY dresses are absolutely amazing. I mean super fan-fucking-tastic.

    I like the dress as is, but your two versions take it that much further. I've done some DIY stuff but for the most part I usually mix, match and wear things different and unexpected ways.

    Part of me cries at the thought of cutting into a $60 dollar dress. You are brave! Though I have problems cutting into fabric to sew, too, regardless of the quality of fabric. I bought some cheap cotton to make a muslin and I STILL can't bring myself to cut - so I don't "mess up".

  2. Thanks!! I am not a sewer, so the DIY is kind of simple. I had already bought the dress and just thought that it was such a great base to work with. Otherwise, I would have cried at the first cut!! But shhhh!! I work for Torrid, so I get a nice discount. I did not feel too bad. :)

  3. I love the DIY!!! I can never think of what to do with DIY, but that black dress looks rad! Thanks for the tips! :)

  4. Thanks for the comment! (And the follow!)

    I have been doing DIY for a long time because as a plus girl, there were not very many options for me until the past few years. Plus, I love a great craft project!!