Sunday, August 28, 2011

OOTD: Dinner at the Inlaws


This week has been really REALLY hot. I love the summer, but I hate being uncomfortably hot and I wish I could just wear a soft maxi dress with no underwear or bra and my hair in a messy bun on the top of my head. This has been my lovely wardrobe while home but when I have had to venture out into the real world and be social, I am really trying to jump out of my comfort zone. I really do not like wearing short sleeves and I do not like going too short with my dresses. I am really trying to get over this, and it helps that I have such  an adoring husband who reassures me that I always look beautiful.

Here is what I wore to my inlaws this past Saturday for dinner. My inlaws are amazing. I am very close with them and they are extremely stylish, so I have to make sure I dress nice. With it being 107 degrees yesterday, I decided that there are a few things one must be sure of when it is this hot.

1)Even though I love my natural Toms of Main deodorant... I should definitely use the ole' trusty Secret.
2)Chiffon really does not keep you cool.
3)Dry oil blows when you are already sweaty.
4)Forget about using any hot tool on your hair.
5)Spanx shmanx... cotton panties are the way to go... or commando... depends how short the dress is. LOL

So here is what I wore. Only one pic. It was flippin' 107 degrees and my air conditioned car was calling!!!

Dress:Torrid(2), Belt:Torrid(2), Shoes:Payless (10), Necklace:Thrifted

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