Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OOTD: Tuesday and Wednesday combined

With the week moving right along, I am getting anxious for the weekend. My good friend Sunnie and I are going thrifting this Sunday. I have found some pretty cool things at the Goodwill stores in Los Angeles, but usually all of the fat LA hipsters have already taken everything good. This Sunday we are heading to the OC, and if you know the OC, you know that: A)Fat people are at a minimum, B)Hipsters hate the OC, and C)There are alot of old people in the OC. Old people=Dead old people, which then equals alot of awesome finds. Wish me luck. 

SO on to this week's FATshion. 

Here is what I wore Tuesday
 I really love color blocking and I found this dress at Old Navy for like $7.00. Score!!
Dress:Old Navy (XXL), Cardigan:Torrid (2), Shoes:The Avenue (10), Accessories:Torrid
Aren't these shoes great: 
I found these earlier these year and I loved them. They are a shorter wedge, which I love and super comfortable when I am running around frantically at work.  


Here is what I wore Wednesday
Please do not look at my hair. I did not wash it this morning and it is frizzy and I just did not feel like touching it this morning. 

Dress:Old Navy (xxl), French Terry Blazer:Torrid (2), Shoes:Payless (10), Necklace:Street fair.

(Is this length awful or is the dress shapeless? I have to figure out what I am going to do with this. It was another Old Navy clearance find and it seemed pretty versatile.

Till next time readers... if any. LOL. I do not know how some girls get so many followers. I am so impatient. Maybe I just have to keep blogging and hoping...


  1. I adore those shoes! you found them in the Avenue? I'm defiantely following u!

  2. Thanks!! Yep! I found them earlier this year, but I think that they are on clearance now.

    Thanks for the follow!! I am still new to this!

  3. eeekkk!!! I love both those dresses!! I need to get into old navy I think. That colour block $7 one is fab!

  4. Thanks! The pink one has kind of become my "lounging around the house dress." The shape is a little hard to work with so I think I will be super casual with it. It's a great cover up too when I want to go swimming.

    The color block one was so inexpensive, I wish I would have bought the other colors. :(