Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OOTD: Mondays

Mondays are probably the worst days of the week. I really dislike them. I love staying up late on the weekends and sleeping in late and getting up at 5:30AM on a Monday morning, pretty much sucks balls. Also, I love my weekends with my husband. We pretty much can not get enough of each other, and Monday morning means that we will have 5 days of seeing each other very little. Our hours do not sync up right now - but one day it will.

 So yeah, Mondays. They suck. And my outfits usually reflect how I feel. 

Dress: Torrid (last summer) 3, Chiffon Blouse: Torrid 2, Sandals: Random drug store find,
Necklace: Sample Sale

Kinda boring I know. But it was comfy.

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