Monday, August 22, 2011

OOTD: 10 year high school reunion

I felt it coming, I just did not realize it would come so soon. I do not have any grey hairs or really obvious wrinkles (thank you sun screen and staying away from tanning beds.) Am I really old enough to have a 10 year high school reunion??!

High school reunions are for grown ups who listen to Adult alternative and drink wine for the taste. They are for people who know the value of a good steam mop and who are thinking about how they are going to balance work with babies. They are for people who have a 401K and sometimes use a wrinkle cream. Reunions are for people who actually watch the weather forecast and get tired before midnight and who no longer can eat greasy Mexican without feeling like they are going to die. Wait. I guess... I fit that bill.

Yeah, so anyways... it was time for my high school reunion and I have to admit it. I was a little excited. In high school, I had alot of friends and was very social. I loved high school! I hated running laps and I was not too keen on some of the awkward stuff, but I had alot of fun! Too much fun sometimes. I was excited to show up in something other than flip flops, a Rolling Stones raglan tee and thrifted men's jeans. I was excited because I think I have gotten way hotter, more mature and definitely more fashionable. Most of all, I was excited to show up with my lovely husband! (And I was kind of excited to see who turned out to be a train wreck.)

Here is what I wore:

Poet Dress: Talbots (3), Shoes: Target (10), Necklace: Some boutique, Bracelets: Torrid, Clutch: Foreign

Does this angle make me look fat?

I really love my lipstick too. It was a coral color from Lorac.

How cute are these wedges? I found them at Target for $6.59. You seriously can not beat shoes on clearance.

And my favorite accessory... my hubs.

This is one of my best friends. She and I went to junior high and high school together, but never knew what good friends we could be until after high school. Now I treasure her so much! We have been through alot. We always joke that since I am Jewish and she is Palestinian, that peace in the Middle East really could happen. LOL. Well, neither of us are extremists, so maybe that is the recipe?

So that is it. I really do think everyone should go to their 10 year reunion. 20th? Eh? Who cares. But the 10th is really strange. You're at a party with a bunch of folks who you would probably never associate with in real life and the only thing that you have in common is you all ran around the same track for 4 years, ran from the same security guard when you ditched class, and shared the same beer bong at some party. It's a trip. Go if yours is coming up. Then laugh about it later.

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