Thursday, September 8, 2011

OOTD: Sweet Thursday

Hello again, 

My outfit was a little boring today, mainly because I had one outfit idea planned out and when I put in on this morning, I felt awful in it. So, I just threw this little mess on. It was comfy though and I love these pieces. 

 Wrap Blouse/Cardigan Thingy:Torrid (2), Tank:Torrid (2), Skirt:Torrid (2), Sandals:Torrid (10), Necklace:Torrid, Glasses:Lenscrafters

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I plan on frumpin' it at work tomorrow, so not sure if I will have an OOTD. 



  1. I love the wrap sweater with the skirt, very cute!

  2. Thank you ladies. It's a very comfy outfit and the wrap sweater is so light and airy.