Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Dinner

So this is not a OOTD, but it was the only thing that I really put effort into this weekend.

My weekend was pretty mundane. Our downstairs toilet was leaking, so this meant that my hubs and I got to go to The Home Dept not once, not twice, but thrice to find some metal part that connects to another metal part that connects to the hole thingy in the wall. I know nothing about plumbing. My husband knows very little but is learning via YouTube tutorial videos. (AMAZING right?) We have basically done most of our home improvement/home fixing things while watching like 3 videos on YouTube before diving in. Even during my husband lying on the bathroom floor wedged in between the toilet and our purple bathroom wall, I was sitting on the stairs holding the lap top with 3 or 4 videos ready to go at moments notice if we needed direction.

Any who, after fixing our toilet situation, we did what countless married couples with no kids and a lot of weekend free time do. We went to one of the largest furniture stores in California (Living Spaces), to try out Lazy Boys. My husband really wants one and this stores has 100's just sitting there waiting to be sat on. We found the two we liked, side by side and probably hung out lounging drinking their free coffee and considered buying them, getting rid of our large sectional sofa and just filling our living room/family room up with Lazy Boys. We came to our senses though, and left without buying anything. 

By now it was 9pm, I had nothing planned for dinner, so we got pizza and watched Tron (the new one). We are so happening I swear!!

So today (Sunday), I thought I would be more productive. Being that it was also 9/11, I decided to do things I loved. I put on my Pandora, set to 60's folk music, cleaned up a bit, played with my dogs, went to the dog park with my husband, painted my nails and cooked this amazing dish:

Greek salad (mixed greens, cucumber, olive, tomatoes, yellow peppers, feta and my mother-in-laws secret Greek dressing), Pine nut, Parmesan and dill cous cous with grilled  zucchini & White Corn, rubbed with my cilantro,chili, lime zest, garlic butter and then wrapped in foil and grilled. MMMMMMMM!

I wish I could have given a OOTD this weekend, but my weekend outfit consisted of a ruffled maxi dress that I pretty much wore all weekend. (I washed it once if that matters.)

How was everyone's weekend. If you are married, is this how your weekends looks? If not, what wild and crazy things are you ladies doing now-a-days? LOL


  1. ha! That kind of sounds like something my husband and I would do - try out lazy boys :)

    Our weekends typically involve star trek next gen on netflix, ordering pizza, and looking at our laptops while sitting on the couch together. Equally happening, right?

  2. Yep. That sounds like a weekend we have had many of times. My husband is a total sci-fi geek and I have had to slowly get into it. He did however get me hooked on the new BSG, which consumed many of our weekends.

    Even in my single and wild days, I think my weekends now feel fuller then they ever did before. I hate to be one of those smug married ladies who feel that their life is much more complete after they met their match, and I think a lot of it is my age too. I just can not hang like I did when I was 23 and after a 40+ hour work week, relaxing and being a bum is heaven. LOL

  3. our toilet blocked up too this weekend!!! GARGHH!!!!!!!

  4. I hate when the toilet clogs...and Im single! imagine! lol

  5. It's the worst! When I lived alone, I learned how to do alot, but plumbing is a complete mystery. My husband and I always tease that we are going to have 4 kids and groom them to 4 different but very much helpful professions. 1)Plumber, 2)Vet, 3)Auto mechanic and 4)Lawyer. I hope they will not mind.