Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jessica Kane Visits Torrid

So I have been a lurker on Jessica Kane's blog for some time and after I signed up for my blogger account, I had to be a follower.

If you are not familiar or have not checked out her blog, please do.

Not only is she very fashionable, but she is very encouraging to women of all sizes and shapes. She encourages women to love their bodies and to be confident. Be sure to also check out her magazine.

Recently, Jessica Kane came out to LA for a few events and she stopped by Torrid's Headquarters. I was very lucky the other Friday, when my company's marketing team asked if I would be a part of the "welcome wagon" and take her on a tour of the HQ and show her around the merchant area. Fridays can be a little empty, so I was only able to introduce her to a couple of our buyers, but it was really exciting to have someone so connected to the plus size media world, come and see our world. One thing I will say about Torrid, is that we really do love our customer. We want her to feel beautiful and our buyers really work hard to put out fashion that is right on trend.

Here is Jessica's post about her visit. She is "amaze-balls!" And yes, I just stole her lingo. although I do not think that I can pull off using that word. LOL.

Aren't we cute? The sun was so bright! 


  1. eeeekkk!! you too look so gorgeous!! When I finally meet all these amazing people I follow (LIKE YOU!!) I may just die :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  2. Thanks!! Olivia - when will you be making a trip to the states?

    It's funny when you start blogging and reading other people's blogs... you feel like you know them. :)