Monday, October 3, 2011

OOTD:Starting the week off right

Woo hoo! It's autumn and I am so glad. I love summer, but I adore the fall! Mainly because there is nothing better than boots, leggings and sweaters!! 

I know that I have not posted for a while, but life gets so busy and as a busy Gemini, I tend to get really into a project and then crash. I swore I would not do this with blogging, but my creative juices have been flowing all over the place. (Did you know that I am an artist?) I have had to trade in blogging for painting and creating, but balance is key, and fashion is vital to my existence, so I will vow to blog on a regular basis. I want to be one of those "bloggers to watch" one day dammit! Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie dates the jazz musician? Well, I really identified with his character... he just has lots and lots of interests. Like right now, I am obsessed over being switching all of my beauty products to "natural" home remedies and cleaning with products without harmful chemicals. Poison is literally seeping through our pores and we are doing it to ourselves. My kitchen has been turning into a chemistry lab. LOL! I will share some of my favorites soon!

So anyways, here is a recent outfit. It's easy and simple. 

Dress:Torrid (3), Leggings:Torrid(2), Booties:Torrid (10)

Until next time dear readers!

PS: How do you guys get followers? I feel like I am whoring myself out when I post my blog address after a comment. (I have no issues with anyone doing that on mine!)


  1. It's totally fine to leave your blog address in a comment! Not whoring at all. Also, having your disqus profile, or google account profile, or whatever it is you use to post linked back to your blog is helpful.

  2. cute outfit!! And I love those booties!

    I'm all about putting your address in a comment- feel free to link away on my blog!! ;) x

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  3. I am all about fall and leggings, sweaters and boots like u said..u look super cute, love the booties...also i am totally fine too with linking your blog address...and also commenting and following blogs is helpful to gain followers:)I always go to my dashboard and check who has a new post and stuff, its the way i keep up with the blogs i follow:)

  4. Thanks everyone! I like when people leave links to their blogs, it makes it so easier to connect with others.

    @Natasha, I always check my dashboard too.

  5. Im personally glad you left your blog address! I followed it, and now I love your blog! :]