Friday, December 16, 2011


I love wearing menswear. I especially love wearing my husband’s shirts, even when they are fresh out of the dryer, they still smell like him. There is no better scent that I love to carry with me all through the day.

You have seen these red jeans on me before, but I am just in love with them. The fit is great, just enough stretch and they do not “grow” throughout the day. It’s hard for me to find a good jean that covers my bottom… blame it on the booty I guess, but these jeans really sit at a good spot.

I hope that the colored denim trend sticks around for a while, and I totally get that this is a shameless plug, but check out Torrid’s new colored skinny denim. I want the teal!!!

And now my OOTD: 

Plaid shirt: Hubby's closet... so JCPenny's or maybe the glorious Target? 
Red Denim: Torrid
Grey Tank: Target
Booties: (my fave booties) Torrid

(Trying out new poses. Does this make me look fat?)

Hope everyone is having a great December. I am done holiday shopping, except a gift for my boss and I have no idea what to get her!! Aggh! Ideas?? 


  1. Lov these jeans, I'd never be brave enough to wear coloured denim. Im such a scaredypants of anything fitting on my legs.


  2. love the jeans!

  3. @Dawn - do not be afraid! I think that if you find a shape of jean that fits well, and feels good - then the color comes second. (Although, I am not and will never be one to wear hot pink of a bright leopard print jean.)

    Thanks for all the love ladies!!!!

  4. Oh, you look absolutely lovely! I don't even know you, but your amazing personality really shines through in your pictures. The outfit is great. I really love it! Thanks for sharing, hun :)

  5. Hi Huda! Thanks so much for the sweet comments! I just checked out your blog and I know I am going to be following. I love nail polish and beauty stuff!!

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