Wednesday, December 14, 2011

OOTD:Real Quick, I am going to watch "Virgin Diaries!"

Ok, I am going to finally watch the "Virgin Diaries" on TLC. OMG. I just do not know what to say.


You have seen my dress on another OOTD, but I love it. Sweater dresses, leggings and boots... my staple winter wardrobe!

Ok, so everything is from Torrid. 

I am going to kick it up a notch with tomorrow's outfit. LOL

Question: What do you think about 30 year old virgins and sweater dresses? 


  1. YOU LOOK SO PRETTY! And that kiss was AWKWARD to say the least! LOL!

  2. loveeee the outfit sooo cutee <3 love the jean thingy!!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    The jean vest was a DIY. I turned an old denim jacket into a vest. I love DIY!!

    @Stefanie - OMG, it was beyond weird!! It was hard to watch. I feel bad for the guy, he is not bad looking and seems so sweet. How is he not getting laid?! LOL

  4. youre so hot! ilove this outfit! those boots are amazing! love it


  5. Thanks so much! I am in love with these boots and they have really become my go-to boots for the season. I never thought I could ever wear an "over-the-knee" boot either!

  6. Oh I love your hair and outfit! That blunt fringe really suits you!

  7. Thank you Dawn and I found your blog too, so I will be following your stuff! I love the layout.

    About the bangs.... I have had a love hate relationship with bangs (fringe.) I swore them off 3 years ago, I think because I paired them with an awful haircut. Now I can not get enough. I am not sure I can go back to NOT having them.

    I am in love with your hair color. I just love a good red. Also, I love how much No7 you have featured, they are my new favorite brand!