Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's not you, it's me...

Well, it looks like I am not being a very good blogger. My intentions are there, but I am just being lazy and get so busy with life that I put blogging on the back seat.

I think I am going to try to set one day a week to blog. It's not you, it's me. I think I am in a little bit of a funk.

The holidays are quickly approaching and they tend to get me really blue. It's not so much the holidays themselves, it's more of the anticipation of post-holiday blues. (It's real, I looked it up.) From Halloween it seems like Christmas decorations in stores pop up reminding you that you must buy presents for all your friends and family. Every TV commercial reminds you that you must spend spend spend! Your holidays will be much better spending money! Right now they have been airing a series of Lexus commercials where the gift giver gives their gift recipient a music box or plays the Lexus "theme" music to let them know that "SURPRISE honey - I spent our money on a pseudo luxury car! (you know that a Lexus is just a fancy Toyota right?)" The commercial really really bothers me. The couples look like they are in their early 30's/late 20's and I am left slightly jealous that this stupid couple is giving each other luxury cars. Really relate-able right? Because I know so many 28 year olds that give their significant others Lexus SUVs for Christmas. Uggh. And honestly, I am more upset that these commercials aim to make people feel like shit. With families out of work all over, living in hotels, homes foreclosing, Occupy movements, worldwide revolutions... I just can't bear to watch a commercial that is so make-believe and superficial.

And I get it, we live in a Capitalist nation. I am a capitalist. But I also believe in some humility. Though I may not be Christian and celebrate Christmas for it's religious meaning, I celebrate the holidays because I love the warm feeling of love and family and just cherishing the priceless ingredients that make up our lives. I think back to listening to Bing Crosby's Christmas album at my paternal grandparent's home on Christmas Eve, dancing with my Grand-dad to his favorite song, Silver Bells. I think back to driving up to our local mountains with my dad searching for mistletoe to sell at my mistletoe stand when I was 7. I loved lighting our Menorah with my mom and saying the Chanukah bracha and frying up our latkes. I can think back to all my childhood presents from Santa, but they will never hold a candle to the memories.

I am going to try to be as far from superficial as possible this holiday season. I am going to hold onto the love and togetherness of the holiday and not bite the retail hype.

I wish you all love this holiday season, no matter how you celebrate it. Whatever the season means to you and yours, I hope that it brings you joy, peace and love.