Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving vacation and some OOTD

So Thanksgiving was spent up at my mother's in Humboldt, deep in the beautiful redwoods. Ian and I really needed to get away, so we took off the day before Thanksgiving with both of our pups and drove the 12 hours up to the place that my soul resides. One day, I know I will live here. Ian and I feel very at home in the small town vibe and being surrounded by majestic redwoods trees has a very soothing effect on our spirits. I picture our future children running wild and barefoot on a big piece of land, with a canopy of trees circling our home. I see a pack of dogs, a vegetable garden, blue skies free of smog, a humble sized home with a big deck and a view of the mountains and if we are lucky... a little sea view too.

As I drove home from work this week, I realized how much time I spent wasting my life in traffic. I feel like my life down here is not as authentic as I need it. Ian and I are seriously considering an exit plan our of SoCal. It may not be for some time, but it's something to really think about.

Can I be happy outside of the city? Can we be happy is more of the question, and we can - I know it.

So onto pics from our trip.

The below is from Humboldt State Park in Northern California -my mom lives here. I can not even tell you how beautiful this place is.

My husband looks gorgeous and I look like a gnome. 

These were taken at Shelter Cove, the beach near my mom's. 
I am wearing a wine colored sweater dress from Torrid, leggings, boots from Torrid too and a plaid cape that we have at Torrid - just in a different color. (I am wearing a sample.)

This is my love, Vinchenzmo Mordechai. 

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we drove down to the Mendocino Coast (about 50 miles south of my mom.) My brother, husband and brother's friend went too. We went to Fort Bragg and then to Glass Beach to collect sea glass. 

Do you think God lives here? I think so. 

Not where Goonies was filmed... but looks like it. 

How was your Thanksgivings? Do you have a place where you feel like you should be?


  1. gorgeous pictures!

  2. these are such beautiful photos! I love times like these :)

    The second outfit rocks too! You look cozy and chic!

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  3. Thanks so much Olivia! It is hard to stay fashionable in really cold and misty weather!

  4. We will miss you deeply when/if you leave. We will however have an excellent reason to go up North! Wes needs to experience this.

  5. @Alison - nothing is set yet or planned. It may even be one of those things we dream about when we retire. So for now, we are down here! :)

  6. I love the cape, the boots, the scenery. you!


  7. Thank you so much Sabrina and thanks for leaving a link to your blog! I love when people do that so I can check them out! :)

  8. Will you email me stat? I died over your comment.. yes fellow memba of the tribe. DUH... I am dying to talk to you about torrid.. and other things like your love of the holidays like me.. my dad used to say no jew loved christmas more than my mom and I other then Jesus. Ok more in a private email,