Thursday, December 8, 2011

OOTD: A week's worth...

Ladies (and men), my name is Nikol and I am a dye-aholic.

All together:Hi Nikol.

I was clean and sober for almost a year until my lovely, sweet, accepting husband coaxed me... well tempted me to go to the dark side. The dark hair side that is! We actually met when I was in a dark hair phase and he really loved it. One summer though, I went a little batty and decided that I should dye my hair bleached blonde, then red, then brown, then red, then blonde... all in a summer! The root of the hair color issue is simple: 1) I am an artist and 2)that crazy hair summer was caused by an physical/emotional loss that I had gone through, mixed in with a lack of drive to create plus I am a Gemini so change is a need for my survival. As an artist, I do not do very well when I have zero mediums to create with or zero drive to produce said mediums. Thus, all of these issues= hair art projects and a little self destruction.

Lucky for me, I married someone who is ok with this quirk and keeps an art room stocked full of mediums to cater to my hearts desire. He also is my soul's fire and encourages me to really soar!

Anywho, to get on with my story. I am not sure if some of you noticed, but I had blonde hair for time time, brown hair for a minute and now it's red. Endofstory, I just love me some anecdotes.

On to some OOTDs!

Dress: Torrid, Leggings:Torrid, Boots:Torrid, Necklace:Gifted, Hair:Loreal

The gangs all here!
Sweater:Torrid, Skirt:Thrifted:Leggings:Torrid, Boots:Torrid

Sexin it up big time. 
Dress: Torrid, Shirt:Target, Leggings:Torrid, Boots:Torrid, Necklace:Gifted

Nerd Alert!
Sweater:Torrid, Skirt:Avenue,Leggings:Torrid, Shoes:Torrid, Necklace:Thrifted

Sweater:Torrid, Tank:Torrid, Denim (amazing):Torrid, Boots:Torrid, Necklace:Thrifted, 
Hair:John Frieda

Jacket:Vintage Torrid, Dress:Torrid, Tights:Avenue, Flats:Torrid, Necklace:Urban?, Lips:Wet & Wild!

Dress:Talbots, Sweater Vest:Torrid, Leggings:Torrid, Boots... you guessed it...Torrid
 (I work there, a girls gotta eat!)

Hope that you enjoyed some OOTD! Also, what do you guys think about Tumblr? I have not quite caught on. I like looking at Tumblr... but kind of like how I like looking at Pinterest.

Happy Friday!! And can I tell you how much I am loving the fall/winter?! OMG, I am in leggings, boots, and sweet Jesus Sweater heaven over here!!


  1. great inspiration! love the first pic!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  2. Pretty Outfits!

  3. Thank you ladies! I love how much my confidence goes up with blogging!

    @Jen- definitely checking out your blog, although I have yet to sign up for Bloglovin. Will do this weekend!

  4. I love your first outfit, the colour of the dress really suits you :). I am a gemini too so I understand the need for the need to change your hair colour regularly. xo

  5. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much. I have been wearing my sweater dresses all of the time it feels. I don't want winter to end!

    Thanks for posting your blog - I am checking it out now!

  6. Loveee all those outfits, very cute! And the dark hair is gorgeous. (:

    - Jaimie

  7. you are just too beautiful! I love ALL these outfits!

  8. I work at Torrid too! Represent! You look great!

  9. @Michaela - awesome!! Which one? I work at HQ!