Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OOTD:It's always a good day for a floral print

Happy Tuesday!!

I am officially out of my holidays blues! It only took me listening to the local easy listening radio station who plays non-stop holiday music (KOST for you Los Angelinos.) There was the cutest segment when their resident "Santa" called the kid of a listener. It was so cute I almost died. Remember the magic of Santa and the holiday? Regardless of what you celebrate, we should never forget the magic, imagination and love.

I am still not getting a tree. I love picking out a tree and decorating, except last year I decorated and RE-DECORATED not once, not twice but thrice because I am a real perfectionist when it comes to details. I get very sad when I have to throw it away, so until we have kids, the holidays will be very minimal when it comes to decor. I have my great-grandmother's Menorah, and I think that is decorating enough.

On to my OOTD.

I love my outfit today, except for the fact that I am wearing my seamless leggings backwards because of an unfortunately placed hole that basically looks like a butthole. My husband saw it this morning when I did my bend over booty check. Since I had no other clean leggings, I had to get creative.

But first, look at my nails!! 
I made the color! I call it "Wet Cement" with clear glitter over it.

Dress/Belt:Torrid 3, Shirt:Torrid 2, Leggings:Torrid 3, Boots: Torrid, Necklace:Torrid

Ok, lunch is over. See you next time loves!


  1. YOU BLOG :) this just made my day. I love your blog and that dress and your wedding set!

  2. Thanks Lori!!! I just saw your post too and I will be a follower!

  3. I love the outfit. It goes so well together and you gorgeous in it!

  4. Thanks ladies!! I am loving the 90's floral right now and I love tights/leggings. I hope we have a long winter!!

  5. love the dress!