Friday, January 27, 2012

OOTD: It's Friday, Friday, Fri-a-daaaay

Hello and Happy Friday and Praise all that is holy! I love Fridays so much!

I really have no time to go on and on today, so let's cut the BS and get to the good stuff.... 
(I always wanted to use that line on a date. "You know what we both want. Let's cut the bull shit and do it." LOL. I should just tell my husband that when we get into an argument.)


Dress: Avenue (SRSLY - I love this dress) Get it now!
Belt: Torrid
Flats: Torrid
Glasses: Torrid

I wore this dress to a Chassidic Jewish wedding for my Rabbi's oldest daughter who I have known since she was a young girl. It was a great wedding, but I forget how formal and Orthodox events can be. I felt very under dressed, but to be fair, it was on a Wednesday night! I had to battle traffic and put on my panty hose in the bathroom, (which unfortunately ended up being the men's restroom and I horrified a poor old man who I think was the Chabad Rabbi that does the Los Angeles Telethons. LOL. 

I can't believe that I forgot my camera too! I had my phone but it takes awful pics. Anywho, here is proof that I am an awful photographer. 
This is the Badecken - 
when the Choson (groom), veils his Kallah (bride). 

Kimono Sleeve Top: Target 
Black Ponte Pants: Torrid
Boot: Torrid
Necklaces: Vintage 


  1. Niceeee blue dresss!! I LOVE IT!! it fit you veryy well!!Beautiful red hair girl!!!...


  2. Oh god I love love love this dress! You're rocking it lady!


  3. Thanks ladies!!! Lourdes - I think that I am a new follower of your blog too! I love international blogs!

  4. Gosh your gorgeous!! The second outfit is so darn adorable!!!

  5. I love that dress! I also have the same little hand necklace but with a blue stone :)

  6. Thanks ladies!

    @Laura - The hand is actually a Hamsa hand and is a religious symbol for some different faiths. For Jews it symbolizes the hand of God and also represents protection from the evil eye.

    By the way- checking out your blog now!

  7. I just found your blog and looovvveeeed it!


  8. You make the dress look mucho better, I have to say. And I want that Kimono so bad! I've been eyeing it but Im waiting for it to be marked down, yo. You look great!

  9. Ale - thanks for the follow, I will follow you now too!

    Michaela - Thanks so much! I love this kimono and the 3 Targets in my area had the other colors too. I should go and pick up one more. Is it me though, or is the plus section at Target shrinking? For a while they had an (ok) section of cute clothes. Now they maybe have 2 racks? I guess I would not mind though... I go in for toilet paper and dish soap and leave with random stuff I never need.

  10. Like your cool, relaxed vibe! The blue looks good on you and the sunglasses are fun and playful. Keep it up!

  11. ooohhh oh oh! That blue is awesome! And congratulations to your Rabbi's oldest daughter!

    I adore the second outfit! the floral rocks with the boots! :)