Saturday, January 7, 2012

OOTD: Mid week outfits, weekend update

Hello all!

I see that I have gained a few new followers, so that is exciting. I hope that my blog fulfills all of your blogging reading desires and more. Of course, I am still a newb in the blogging world - but I am hoping to just find ways to be more interesting with each new post.

So here are just a couple of my week's outfits. It's been really hot here in SoCal this past week. I think that Wednesday it even reached 90 degrees! That's bathing suit and beach weather!!! It's really messing with the fashion side of my mind. While I am looking at my leggings and cold weather clothes longingly, and still craving the deep rich colors and muddy neutrals that I love wearing in the winter... I am lusting over white sundresses, bright spring florals, coral espadrille sandals and sunless tanner.
 I have a violet dress that I have been eyeing in my closet that is really old but will never go out of style and I keep taking her off the rack, holding her up to my body and quickly put her back. "Not yet violet dress. Your ruffles are alluring, but my sweater dresses and I still have a few romps around town that need to be had." (This is how I talk to all of my favorite clothing pieces.)

Being an insider in the fashion/retail world really gives me a taste for the new spring/summer styles that are coming in and  combined with the hot hot Cali weather, my fashion needs/wants are playing ping pong with each other.

Onto my OOTD's!

Dress: (It's actually a skirt) Torrid
Blazer: Torrid
Sandals: Yoki (sold at Torrid last summer, more this spring/summer)
Necklace: Buffalo Exchange

Shirt: Target, super old
Red Denim:Torrid
Scarf:Torrid (I think)
Sandals: sampled

So there they are, not too exciting this week. I hope that everyone has a super end of the weekend. My Saturday night is going to be epic! I bought my husband the Blue Ray, extended version of the Lord of  the Rings, so we are going to geek out on the final movie tonight! I was never EVER into this genre of movies until I met him, and now I love it. (Also, I really have an urge to visit New Zealand. I could probably live there.)

So long and good night sweet spirits.


  1. Gorgeous! and it was hot but today was gloomy :(

  2. I am so so jealous of your lovely hot SoCal weather, it is so so cold here. I love your sandals I have a pair in black which have sequins all over them which are very like those!


  3. Im jealous too, I want the warm weather! You look so cute!

  4. Cute, I really like the striped maxi and blazer combo. It looks great.