Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Really fast, tryingtofinishbeforelunchisover OOTD

Hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. I had a very nice Christmas and Chanukah, followed by a New Years Eve spent with a small handful of my closet comrades and husband at our house.
(Lot's of Jack & Gingers!) I do not think that I took any pictures on New Years Eve except a few ridiculous ones of me sitting in front of the Yule Log on TV. (Nothing I am posting here.)

Anyone make resolutions this year? I am not doing resolutions because I am super hard on myself when I fail. Instead I am making goals and giving myself mantras to help motivate and inspire me. Here are a few of mine:

- Always take the scenic route. 
-What would a goddess eat? (When the choice is between something gross and fatty vs. something healthy.)
-Paint more
-Worry less
-Get your shit girl.
-Succulents over Orchids
-Sexytime all of the time. 

What would you like to accomplish? What are your mantras?

Here was my outfit that I wore yesterday. I am feeling a bit frumpy and I am getting ready to start my big New Years diet. (I am going to stick with it this time! LOL)

Dress: Fat exchange via Live Journal
Blazer: Torrid
Boots: Torrid
Necklace: Torrid


  1. Oh I think that's lovely, the print is gorgeous on you!


  2. You look so cute! I think I own that necklace!

  3. Thanks so much ladies!

    @Michaela - It was from last spring, with all the Boho stuff.

  4. Awesome dress and I love the bright colors with it! Your resolutions sound pretty good, especially the third and the last one! :-D Gorgeous boots too!

  5. Babies!! Come see mine anytime young lady. ;)

  6. Stunning!
    Love the colors!

  7. Thanks ladies!!

    @Alison - no rush on babies. Just getting the idea of babies into my head. I want to take this year to prepare my mind and body for them.

    @Moya2bean - I am going to add you too! Thanks for the follow.