Saturday, February 11, 2012

OOTD: Goonies Never Say Die

Happy Saturday lovelies,

SO excited that I reached 50 followers! I remember when I was at 8, and thought that maybe blogging was not for me and that maybe it was silly to even take it seriously. I have had alot of fun doing it though and even though I have never met most of you in person, I do love following other people's blog and I love seeing what other women are wearing around the world. I look forward to blogging more and maybe seeing where it all goes.

I actually think that I gained alot of new followers after the Torrid Facebook posted my blog on their wall. I have to confess if you do not already know - I work for Torrid. I work in the merchandising department, at the Torrid headquarters. We have a new young lady who works in our social media dept who posted my blog and she is still getting to know the big staff we have in the building. When she posted it, she was not aware that I indeed work just about 40 steps from her. (It's a BIG office with lot's of people running around!) When I was about to go to lunch, I opened up the Torrid Facebook page to check and see what people are talking about, and there was my blog! I emailed her and let her know it was me and we both thought it was kind of funny. The pic from my OOTD was even taken in our shoe closet!

Why am I bringing it up? Well, I just do not want people to think that we were promoting my blog, or that they could not find any other fabulous blogger to post about! There are quite a few amazing blogs out there and I am actually really flattered that mine was featured and I equally love when I see some of my favorite bloggers on our page too. (Total accident though again!)

Anywho, how about some OOTD's?!

Skirt: The Avenue
Belt: Old, probably off a dress. 

How cute ARE these?

Jacket: Torrid. It's sold out online, but I am sure there are some available in stores and we will have more coming! I will say that I am in love with PONTE right now. It's so wearable and especially on a jacket, where sometimes it's hard to find the right size, Ponte is the perfect material. I have a feeling that we will be seeing more Ponte jackets. 
Tee- Old Torrid Goonies Graphic Tee
Skirt: Old Torrid
Leggings: Basic Black Torrid leggings
Boots: Torrid
Necklace: Sample sale find

"Goonies never say die!"
Pretty much one of the best lines in a movie ever. 

That is pretty much it for my outfits last week. I had a very busy week and this was all I could squeeze in. I will be in San Francisco for the good part of next week for my little brother's kidney transplant. (Keep him in your thoughts!) I would love to get a few OOTD's up there, but I have a feeling I will be at the hospital alot. 

Have a great rest of the weekend - until next time!!


  1. LOOKING FAB!! I have been to their headquarters!! To try out for modeling! I was rejected...and your close by industry right?! Im in Montebello ;)

    1. Yes, we are right in Industry. You would have made a great model! I know that right now, we use models from agencies, but I do remember the day when we had model searches and once upon a time, they used Torrid employees to model.

    2. I remember! I shot with the guy with the mohawk! We should so do a lunch date one of these days! :)

    3. Oh, then you shot with Michael. He is no longer a photographer for us, but he is really talented!

      Yes, would love to do a lunch date sometime!

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  3. You look fantastic in both outfits!
    Love the Avenue skirt. ^^d
    Wishing all the best for your brother! <3
    Take care dear! MMxoxo

  4. lol that second outfit rocks! I llooooooovvvvee that skirt!

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  5. So cute. I freakin love Goonies. One of my fave movies of all time! Cute outfits and those lace flats are adorable!

  6. I have the same Torrid blazer & I love it! It's the best fitting blazer I've ever owned...seriously!

    Love the Avenue skirt & red belt!

  7. I am loving that goonies outfit! i love everything about it. the top outfit is gorgeous too, i love the skirt! thats so funny that your blog was featured on the torrid fb site, it must have felt really cool.