Monday, February 27, 2012

OOTD: Ode to my sweater dress love affair...

I was digging my toes in the sand on Saturday and today my heater is on and I am in sweat pants writing this blog and listening to the rain. It's the end of February, and we should be still in winter-wear, but we have had a pretty warm winter. I say: Bring on the rain!! I want to play in the snow!!

My favorite winter outfit by far has been the sweater dress, leggings and boots combo. I feel like it's easy, comfy, warm and very Mountain Woman Chic. I definitely could see myself wearing these hanging out in the Alps at a Ski Lodge...or something else equally as wintery. So to keep with my new theme, I wanted to show you my fantasy winter vaca pics.

Real talk: When I was 12, I wanted to name my future daughter, "Austria." Sometimes I still think that it's a pretty name, but I maybe will just have to use it as a doggy name one day. 
Oh by the way, this is Jorgen, my ski coach.

Couple's skiing champion!!

Hattie was very jealous of the squeeze-box serenade that Ferdinand was giving me. 


Hope that you all have a fabulous rest of winter (or summer, depending on your hemisphere.)


  1. jaja Funny pics! I like them!!! Austria is a nice name but not for a daughter I think!! jeje...
    You look so cute!!



    1. LOL!! Thanks!

      I do not know why I loved the name Austria so much! It must be because of the "Sound of Music."

  2. Loving your hair in a high bun! So pretty!


    1. Thanks! SO easy and I wear it when my hair has not been washed.

  3. hahaha this is so ace, I esp love you doing the splits!


  4. You look so cute! I love the name Austria for a girl. Its creative! I'm pretty creative with my names Im gonna choose, too. :D

  5. This put a big smile on my face! I like the new concept with the pictures.