Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OOTD: An unexpected find

Happy Hump Day! We are so close to Friday, I can taste it!

A while back, I remember reading someone's blog post where they reviewed Kmart's plus line. I do not have any Kmart's nearby and the one time that I remember going inside a Kmart, I was about 6 and I was with my grandma. I remember asking her if this was where "poor people" shopped. (What a little shit!) I did not grow up in a wealthy family by any means. I come from a long line of teachers, social workers and cops, but in my young mind, Kmart looked like poor people shopped there. LOL. Now- as an adult, making my own living, paying bills, running a home and trying to squeeze out a little money to keep myself fashionable while working in the fashion industry, I greatly understand and value places like Kmart!

I checked out what they had to offer online and found out that I could pick up the items at the store. I found a store that was on my way home from work and I placed an order. They had a pretty good selection of casual dresses, great blouses and some colored chinos. Since I was not familiar with the sizing, I picked one dress in a size 3. When I got to the store, I went to the women's section and tried on a handful of pieces. I was not planning on buying anything else at the moment, but I just wanted to see the quality and fit. I was REALLY impressed! I fit into the size 3 pretty well, although I could have done the size 2 without an issue. My hips and butt always determine the size, so going up would have been the best option. The quality was nice, and for the money, it felt like a steal. I buy sun dresses at Old Navy for twice the price and the Kmart pieces are definitely constructed better and the fabric is much nicer. I will be going back!

Here is the hi-lo dress that I chose:

Dress: Kmart, size 3
Blazer: Torrid, size 2
Shoes: Target, size 10
Necklace: Torrid (older)

I have got to get back to work, lunch is over! But I really suggest checking out Kmart if you are on a budget. I am so happy to see retailers step up and bring the curvy lady something fashionable!

Have a great rest of you day!


  1. Very cute. I have buying Kmart clothes this last year, especially the LYS brand, but they are really hit and miss. Sometimes they have the most awesome pieces for very reasonable prices, but other times it's like the items are almost cute, but there's something a little off about them. Either way, always worth looking there.

  2. My Kmart is closing :[ but I love Kmart, they have a better selection of clothes than they did a few years ago. I've been going THERE since I was a kid haha. It even used to have a Julius Caesars.