Thursday, April 19, 2012

OOTD: Color!

I have never been one to wear all black. I love color, even if just a pop. Well, I love this Old Navy Dress. It's such a bright tomato orange and I feel very casual cool in it. Top it with a blazer and sandals and I have the perfect spring, work outfit.

Dress: Old Navy, size XXL
Sandals: Torrid (Amazing and comfy!) size 10
Necklace: Old Torrid

I have got to get back to work, lunch is coming to a close. I have been so non-productive today because we were moving desks around. I am still getting used to my new view!

Hummus, Sprouts, Provolone Cheese, Chicken breast on organic Pita (Our farmers market had them fresh!)
Baby Carrots and more hummus!!

Who is excited that tomorrow is Friday?! 


  1. the dress is lovely!! I love colour...!!!

    You are very pretty!!



  2. Cute outfit! I bought that necklace but I lost it :[ But you look great!

  3. You look so great!! I'm definitely buying those sandals and probably that dress now, haha. =)