Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OOTD: Out and a-boot

Happy Tuesday. I have a quick OOTD and it's a little bland, but I wanted to show off my new hair.

She cut like 7 inches! I also want to go back to a more natural color. I know that it will take a little time, but I am hoping to be light golden brown before summer!

I love a good booty shot, and I know how to pop it. 
Jeans: Super old Source of Wisdoms via Torrid These are very similar, same cut!
Top: Old Dress, turned shirt from Torrid
Belt: Old Torrid
Necklace: Thrifted

And because I am obsessed with my dogs... 
Vinny, Falcor, Luna

 Have a great day and thanks for reading!!


  1. Ohhh!! You are thinner, Are you on diet, aren't you? Pretty and lovely!!


    1. Thanks so much Lourdes! Yes, I am dieting, although I would rather call it, "changing the way I look at food."

      I had a few bad habits that I kicked and I am just putting healthy food into my body. Lot's of green kale smoothies, no fast food, very limited processed food, not very many breads/pastas, limited sugar (except raw fruit.)

      I feel amazing!