Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OOTD: Life's a Beach, wear Crochet

Yay!! We made it past Monday!

I love crochet and I don't know about you, but I can not get enough. I always say, that if I were skinny and rich, I would be shopping at Free People buying up all of their darling crochet pieces! Dammit Free People, make a line for the plus girls, please!! Anywho, I look at their site occasionally and longingly and think about what I can make or buy that would be similar. Well, I think I got sort of close. With the passing of my Nana a few months ago, I have been helping my Papa clean out alot of her stuff and I always come across some funky jewelry, vintage clothing, retro bags and other beautiful things that she collected over her 91 years. As the only grand-daughter and the oldest, I get first dibs. 

I found this beautiful lace/crochet table cloth, aged to perfection with a slight yellowing discoloration. I would have happily put it on my dining room table, but there was a hole in the center. I channeled my inner creative-resourceful-hippie and turned it into a tunic. 

DIY: I made the hole bigger to fit around my head and rest on my shoulders and put a belt around it. VOILA! I have gotten so many compliments on it, and I am kinda embarrassed letting them know where... or how I got it. 

Tunic: Nana's old tablecloth. DIY
Leggings: Torrid size 2
Cami: Torrid size 2
Belt: From and old dress
Sandals: Torrid size 10
Necklaces: Vintage and gifted

Also, I had to share this because I was so hoping to be included for this! 
Plus Model Magazine came out with their bridal issue! Guess who made page 115?! 

My husband and I are going to be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary in July and I still feel like are just dating. I still get butterflies!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, I am just finishing up my lunch and it's back to work. 



  1. ONE- You are AWESOME!!

    Second...Im a LACE FAN! This is marvelous!!!!!! And you look uber cute!

    BTW: I got a call! Cross your fingers!

  2. WOW CHECK YOU OUT! I love how resourceful you are it looks amazing!You luckiy duck as well that is a beautiful piece :)

    And I love your feature in the bridal magazine you look so different blonde and you're smaller now! But you still look gorgeous!


    1. Thanks so much Dawn!

      That blonde was awful! LOL. I was a crazy bride towards the end and I dyed it last minute on a whim. And I love that you said that I am smaller. I was eating alot of the wrong foods during my engagement. I think I had about 50 cake tests.

  3. Love Torrid. Beautiful shirt. You look great~
    Congrads on being married, cherish everyday!
    Luv the look!


  4. words cannot express how much i love this...

  5. I really like your creativity with this outfit. Would have never thought! Werk it girl! *snap*

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