Monday, May 14, 2012

OOTD: Saturday night at the El Cid

Happy Monday!

This weekend was a really nice change of pace for me. Normally, my husband and I either go to dinner, maybe have dinner with a few friends or stay at home and watch movies and make a nice dinner. But this past Saturday we ventured out to see my lovely friend's band at the famous El Cid in Silverlake (Hipster Mecca of Los Angeles.) My husband does not normally like to visit Silverlake because he grew up there and he is not much a fan of the hipster transplants that take up space in his beloved hometown. LOL. Not really, but needless to say, we were happy to do something different.

My friend's band is called Ninja Betty and the Nunchix, here is her blog. She is a pretty amazing lady, so if you ever get the chance, go see her show, you will have a great time. Not just a pretty face, her voice is legit. I even teared up once or twice.

I always get this song stuck in my head.

Anywho, I also got a new Iphone! Well, my first Iphone... first smart phone even. I am hooked!! If you ever want a "Draw Something" or "Words with Friends" buddy, I am your girl! Oh and Instagram! Where have you been all my life?? You can follow me on Instagram here.

On to the outfits!!

I am a sucker for nail trends!

I know that I have demon eyes here. 

Dress: Kmart Jr. Plus size 3
Jacket: Torrid size 2
Shoes: The Avenue (sold out) size 10
Necklace: Super old Torrid

I recently met Tiffany from blog, On the Fatwalk. I have followed and lurked her blog from sometime, so it's nice to meet her finally. She is super sweet and just as gorgeous in person and I love how fun and bold her fashion sense is. 

My drink for the night was a good ole Shirley Temple... which I could not even finish because I have been cutting out processed sugar and this was like drinking pure sugar. The hubs stuck with beer. 

Ninja Betty and the Nunchix!!
I got a "add a cat" app.... I am adding cats to everything. MEOW!

Natalie from Ninja Betty and the Nunchix. 
Seriously love this girl. 

So that was it! I had an amazing weekend with my husband. I wish it were Saturday night every night!!!!!

Have a wonderful week and I am hoping that the week goes nice and smooth for you all. 



  1. You looked like you had a blast. Love the necklace...way too cute!
    You look stunning!

  2. You look GORGEOUS!!

    Btw: I applied for a job at Hot topic -Receptionist
    Totally thought of you lol

    1. Omg! The boss is my old boss, I will put in the good word!