Friday, July 20, 2012

OOTD: It's been a couple of weeks!


I apologize for my lack of recent posts! I have been a busy bee. My mom came down from Northern California for a week and we have been pretty social lately. Sometimes we get in the habit of being total homebodies, which I am ok with, but it's been nice going out more and having a little bit of an adult social life. (That sounds porn-ish. It was not meant to be. LOL)

I wish that I had a personal photographer everyday for all of my favorite outfits, but here are some of my outfits from last week. Here's hoping that I get back on a good blogging routine!!

Dress: Torrid, size 2 (sold out online)
Blazer: Torrid, size 2
Earrings: Sampled
Sandals: Super old Torrid

Dress: Torrid size 3
Belt: Torrid (sold out online)
Necklace: Super old Torrid
Shoes: Super old Payless

Top: Old Torrid
Skirt: Old Avenue
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Lane Bryant
Necklace: I made... just a charm from a craft store and long chain

Dress: Lane Bryant, size 22
Necklace: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Target

So there was last week's outfits. I felt very girly all week... but I always feel girly, soooo...

Also, I have to share my new summer love. I don't know if you love spray tanning as much as I do, but it's expensive! I like the Mystic Tans the best, but it's $30 per tan and you are lucky if it lasts more than 4 days, and that is if you do not exfoliate during those 4 days. But I LOVE exfoliating. So I needed to find a new solution. My new solution... Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs

I love this stuff!! And I can get about 2 weeks of use in one can. There is a gold sheen too that it gives your legs, and I feel so confident wearing shorter dresses with a pair of tan gams. I get the lighter glow, and it is sweat proof and stays on all day. No really... all day! You just wash it away with soap and water. I swear by this stuff. It covers everything up and makes your legs look pretty flawless. 

Here are a few tips to getting your legs all tan and glowy: 
  • Exfoliate those stems!! I am a loofah whore, and I love a good scrub. My favorite scrub is made right in my kitchen. (Honey and brown sugar!) 
  • After your bath/shower, put some good lotion on like cocoa butter. Wait to put the Airbrush legs on a bit.
  • For a nice even coverage, spray on your hands and rub on. It will be nice and light. For a heavier coverage, spray onto your legs and rub over more of the leg area, (you will use it up faster this way, but your legs will be, oh sooo tan and lushy!)
  • Put your undies (or in my case, your SPANX), on before you airbrush. Trust me. 
  • Wash those hands before you put on anything else!
Voila, your legs are ready for a short skirt and the summer sun!!

Ok, I will try and blog more next week. Have a great weekend friends!!


  1. Loving all your outfits! And Happy Anniversary!

  2. You're so cute! I love the third outfit with the red striped top and seahorse necklace, the way you accessorised it is just perfect.

  3. The green shoes are so awesome. I need to have some in that exact shade. I have a royal blue dress that for some reason makes me invision a peacock (lol, wierd I know), but I have been looking for green shoes to style it with.

  4. Loving the lace dress from Torrid! And you always look beautiful lady!

  5. I love that you get dressed for work everyday! so cute and summery/girly!


  6. I love coming here to check out all your fab outfits! I am so tan retarded, I get so streaky so easily! :(

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  8. I love all of these outfit choices. You look wonderful. Those green shoes are awesome. I really need to get me some of that tanning spray because I look like a ghost. Thanks for the helpful tips on how to apply the tanning agent.

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  9. Hey! DIdn't know you have a blog! You haven't posted in awhile. :( I Love those green shoes!! Maybe you'll come back and start blogging again.

    Also, your blog helped me realize what OOTD means. I had NO idea, but seeing this helped me figure it out! :D

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