Thursday, August 18, 2011

OOTD: Happy Hump Day... (a day late)

I have been bad about blogging but I have some valid excuses!!

1. My life is really busy! 
2. I have been having a hard time finding a good time to photograph myself. 
3. I have no photographer. My husband and I have weird hours, and in the morning I am running out the door and taking a picture is so hard. 

But- I have a couple of work friends who know about my blog and they are wonderful enough to help me out! One of the ladies even started her own, so we can be secret picture takers together. 

So I have to say, that I have been dressing pretty snazzy as of late. I get lazy sometimes with fashion, but I have been so inspired these past few weeks that I will be giving my all to walk out of my house looking great. (Except on lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoons when I am at the dog park.)

On to the outfits: 
I look like a super bitch here, but I am anything but a bitch. 
Dress: Torrid (3), Sweater Torrid(2),  Leggings: Torrid (2), Shoes: Torrid (10), Belt: Thrifted, Moonstone Necklace: Gifted from my amazing father in law.

My hair feels so boring lately. I used to dye my hair ALOT, and go from one extreme to another. If I am bored or restless, I tend to have a destructive personality and I mainly took it out on my hair. I am trying very hard to stay natural and see what color my hair is now at the ripe old age of 28. I have dyed it since I was 13... so I am curious to see how it will turn out. I have about 4 inches of re-growth and I think I am a dirty blonde!

I am hoping it comes close to this little, sweet, innocent, full of wonder, girl's hair. Does she look familiar

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  1. Ha! You look adorbs! I adore that dress and how the bottoms comes out ever so slightly, but I would totally lose the leggings, I love to live in anything short!

    Your shoes look great too!

    Im a dirty blonde - naturally, but I dye it ALL the time and I dont think we can ever get that lovely blonde back :( I used to have it too!

    Great post!!

    Jessica xx